Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Our Sweet Isis Girl....

On Saturday afternoon ~ April 28th, one of our Girls - Isis, had a bad accident while running in the back yard. This accident left her back legs paralyzed. It was a spinal injury.

The treatment for this is cortizone shots and then oral steroids. Unfortunately, 2 days later we discovered that Isis has a very bad heart condition.... The steroids almost killed her (but was the only treatment for the spinal injury!)

At the time of this posting... Isis is still with us! We are not sure how long she has... could be days, weeks or months. I decided to start writing down the experiences with our Girls... to help us remember every wonderful moment!

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Laura Lynn said...

Just thought I'd add a comment to this post. It's now March 25th 2008 and Isis is still with us and going strong!!!

She's running and jumping and doing well on her heart meds. Her legs are a little wobbly, but she just figures out how to work with that :)