Thursday, May 17, 2007

Isis is doing well after a couple of setbacks...

Isis was getting her appetite back! She was enjoying the RX canned food and boiled ground beef... and she's SO skinny! So I let her eat more than I should have in one "sitting"... and she got sick. After that she showed NO interest in food! She really cannot afford to not eat!!

But then I had the thought to boil some chicken breast. (After boiling either chicken or ground beef... it is drained and also rinsed very well in hot water to get rid of the fat. The fat will cause a dog to get sick also!)

Tried that with Isis... and she LOVEd it! Later I tried a few kibbles (litterally! I only gave her 3!) of her regular food... Eukanuba... and she loved that too! By the end of the evening she was begging for food.

It's hard now... to not give her all she wants... but as I've learned.. that will make her sick! So I've been feeding her a little bit all day long. 2 days in a row... everything has stayed down!!

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