Monday, February 11, 2008

A New Addition!

We'd like to introduce you to a new little addition -- Sequoya! Sequoya came to us from Chihuahua Rescue USA. Her original owner had to give this little darling up due to allergies and landlord issues.

Sequoya is a Chihuahua. She's almost 1 year old... her birthday will be this weekend. She weighs all of 3 lbs 10 oz.

Sequoya is doing wonderfully! We got home about 4pm Sunday evening - right at the Girls' dinner time. I had Bob take Sequoya into the bedroom and then first took the Girls outside, then gave them dinner.

After they calmed down a bit I brought only Cleopatra into the bedroom. Bob was on his knees looking at Sequoya on the bed. :) Cleo came over very gently and sniffed. That's why I wanted Cleo first.. I knew she'd be gentle. But this big dog was kinda scary for Sequoya and she growled a little.

Cleo backed off no problem. I took her out and brought Isis in. We figured she has to meet them soon anyways. Same thing... So then I picked her up and let ALL the Girls in. It was OK cause Sequoya was up high.

We all went into the living room and I sat in my chair with Sequoya. All the girls came up sniffing of course... and Sequoya growled a bit. We got the Girls to back off - they went to lay on the couch.

By 5 I wanted to start dinner. I was going to put her in her crate but Bob said why? So I put her with him and she lied down on his chest in his recliner - it was so cute! I did get a photo but I still need to download it. This little dog already had Bob wrapped around her tiny paw LOL!!!

Sequoya showing off her new coat!

Bob n Sequoya

At dinner time I brought Sequoya's pup tent carrier into the kitchen and she layed in there while we ate and while I cleaned up - so Bob could catch up on his lap top.

After dinner we took turns with her :) while we watched TV and then a movie (300 which was awful by the way). Then it was bed time.

Sequoya just home

Sequoya had a wonderful night last night. We had purchased a little dog bed and put it in the headboard between our two pillows. Bob turns over a lot in bed and didn't want her getting squished.

Bob was already in bed and I was still getting ready... so the light was still on. He kept putting Sequoya into her bed and she kept coming right out and sitting on his pillow next to his face LOL!!!

I finished getting ready for bed, got a blanket for her, turned out the lights and set her in her bed and covered her. Well, let me tell you she was in heaven!! She stayed cuddled in there all night till it was time to get up in the morning.

Today she's walking around sniffing everything... checking it out (well, except now cause I'm sitting... so as you know... she's in my lap ;). The Whippet Girls still sniff her - but it doesn't bother Sequoya one bit now. She knows that they won't hurt her so she doesn't care a bit!

She is SO cute walking around with her long legged sisters! More photos soon!

She didn't feel like eating much last night.. not surprised. But I did have some chicken baby food so I let her lick a little so her tummy wasn't too empty.

This morning she still turned her nose up at the Eagle Pak (the food she is eating now) -- but loved the Girls' Canidae LOL! The kibble size is the same! I only let her have one though. Don't want her to get sick by eating too much of a new food. I took my blender and chopped her Eagle Pak up, and mixed in some baby food chicken and so she did eat some of that.

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