Friday, May 25, 2007

Isis is doing GREAT!

Sorry I haven't posted about Isis in a while... she's much more mobile now so it takes more time to make sure she's not getting into trouble!

Earlier this week.... she was in the office with Bob. The Girls' crates are in the office... and Isis' is a top crate. Her crate door was open... and she looked like she wanted to get in. (She LOVEs her crate!) Well, before Bob could stop her... she jumped up to try to get in. Unfortunately... she missed and so fell backwards. FORtunately she was not hurt! But she is definitely feeling like herself again to want to try!

She's been walking MUCH better! Earlier this week we described her walk as like a drunken sailor :) This morning... we watched her and felt she's walking like a cowboy now LOL!

Jen's boyfriend Peter was over on Monday... and he came over again on Thursday and he said that he noticed that Isis made a lot of progress in those 3 days!

The only time Isis wears a diaper now is in bed (yes, she's in the "big bed" with us every night now!) and also in her crate if we have to leave her unattended.

She's eating 3 regular size meals a day now!! So much easier than spreading them out over 25 meals, that's for sure! She's starting to fill back out again too.

Hopefully I'll have pictures next time.... the pictures are from a few weeks ago... I took them and never got a chance to work with them yet.

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