Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Isis does have some good days!

Isis has had a couple of good days! She's starting to act like her ol'self :) We do realize... as the vet said, she could go even when she'shaving a good day. On the other hand... she could surpise us all like other whippets have :)

Today I was working in the office and brought Isis in with me. I put her on a blanket on the floor...I heard a rustling... and turned to see my Sweet Girl pulling herself into her crate!!! (we keep the doors open when we are home) When crates are used correctly.. (ie: NEVER for punishment!) MOSTwhippets LOVE their crates! It just makes me feel good to see her doing things that are normal for her :)

One thing I am VERY grateful for is that I work from home... so I am able to be with Isis all day long. (I am a teddy bear artist). Funny thing is that Isis came into our lives the day that I quit my regular job to stay home to do this full time :)

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