Friday, May 11, 2007

This morning... not so good...

Well, this morning was not so good. We did have 3 good days though... I'm so happy for those!

During Isis' checkup this past Monday, the doctor said we could try to back off some of the meds. We cut the heart meds in half and the diuretic by 1/3.

By Tuesday, I could tell by Isis' breathing that she needed the full dose of heart meds. So after talking with the doctor, we put her back. She was not coughing though! Coughing in this case is a sign that her lungs are filling up with fluid. That's why she was taking the diuretic 3 x's a day.

This morning - Friday morning however, her cough came back :( I gave her her normal morning dose... she did have her night time one last night... and will add an afternoon one to her schedule again. We can tell she's just not feeling right at the moment - my poor Girl! We'll see how the meds help her....

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