Thursday, February 7, 2008

Athena - Kamada's Goddess of Wisdom

Athena is our second whippet. She's also known as "The Little Brown Mouse" - or Mouse for short. Yes, she knows that both names refer to her.

Cleopatra was 1 year old in February 2001. Bob and I were supposed to be going snowmobiling one of those February weekends, but on that weekend, it was sunny and 65 degrees! Not great weather for snowmobiling!

We decided not to go (big surprise, hard to snowmobile on mud!). The big IKC Kennel show was going on at McCormick Place in Chicago that weekend. We decided to take the Sebring convertible with the top down, into the city to attend the show. We needed to buy whippet stuff! It's hard to find whippet stuff in shops as the whippet is not a common breed.

Naturally we had to find the whippets while we were there too :) Bob got ahead of me and when I caught up to him, he was talking with Kathy and Debbie Davenport of Kamada Whippets. They lived nearby - in DeKalb! (remember, this is an international show - so there were people there from ALL over!)

Turns out they had puppies that were going to be ready to go home in a week -- and they still had a few that needed homes. We talked for quite a while at the show -- asking us questions and such to be sure that their puppy would be going to a good home.

Later in the week we visited Kathy and Debbie to see the puppies - and were interviewed some more. (ALL good breeders will do this! Judy did the same thing with Cleopatra) When they decided that we could adopt one of their pups, we brought out this little red girl who looked so sweet!

She was kinda getting pummeled by her brothers... but once out on her own in the grooming are (Kathy and Debbie are groomers, show handlers, and breeders) this little pup was out and about exploring everything!!! We fell in love with her and they said we could bring her home the next week.

Kathy and Debbie had not given the litter their AKC names yet, so when we picked the name "Athena" - we were also able to give her her official name "Kamada's Goddess of Wisdom".

We introduced Cleopatra to Athena in neutral territory and then brought them both into the house. Cleo absolutely LOVED "her" puppy!

One thing we did incorrectly though... was to stop Cleo any time she tried to push down on Athena. Whenever she did that, we'd tell Cleo... "Cleo, don't squish the puppy!"

Later we found out that Cleopatra was trying to teach Athena some manners. So now... Athena is a little Princess. But I tell ya, a prettier Princess could not be found anywhere ;)

Actually, Athena is NOT badly behaved! She's a VERY good girl. She does have a VERY high metabolism though and so does not have any fat on her - no matter HOW much food we give her! And so, she gets chilly more often than the other girls and now "peeps" for a blanket.

Athena and Cleo shared their toys and chewies VERY nicely!

Cleo has made a wonderful "momma dog" taking care of "her" puppy -- but she still loves to play.. and with Athena she certainly did play!

Athena has grown up into a very lovely and wonderful whippet girl!

She is certainly "all whippet" but it's been fun to see her own distinct personality develop!

For one thing... Athena is all about comfort and food! Bob plays a game with the Girls sometimes where they have to find the milk bones on him. Cleo just sits and waits... but not Athena! She's right in there searching everywhere to find those delicious milk bones!

When Athena wants something... she figures out how to let you know. For her blanket, she "peeps". She's not annoying about it, it's just one quiet "peep". If you are not sure, she'll look right at the blanket - or the blanket chest if the blankies are not out - and then look right back at you.

When it's dinner time... or close... Athena will stand near where the food is kept and look real hard right at the food bin and then right back at you... back and forth.

Sometimes in the summer, she might not be too cold... but her nose may be. No problem... she can take care of that herself!

At the old house, we had a fireplace. Needless to say... that was Athena's FAVORITE place!

Athena is the proper little lady... she even sits like a dainty princess! One paw... just slightly up!

We love our little Athena!! Thank you so much to Kathy and Debbie for allowing us to adopt her!

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Momma Phoenix said...

What a beautiful girl! :O My Athena likes to have her nose buried in stuff too. Sometimes when she is curled up to sleep, she'll tuck her snout under one thigh, like a little bird. Whippets, they know comfort!