Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Pandora The Great Brindle Hunter!

Originally uploaded by Laura Lynn - Teddy Bear Artist
This morning I took the Girls out first thing to do their business. Cleo and Isis did what they needed to do and ran back to the door. It's chilly!

Then I went and got Athena & Pandora. Pandora did a quick one... but then was on the scent of prey!

We still have some hosta plants along the back of the house, albeit wilted from the cold. Well, Pandora heard something in there and was relentless!

Athena got in on the excitement too - but only for about 5 minutes. After that she got bored LOL! Athena finished what she needed to do and was ready to go inside for breakfast... but not Pandora! I could NOT get her way from those Hosta plants! I went inside to get her treat... nothing!

I then realized I'd have to go GET her. So I grabbed the leash from the wall and went back outside. When I went back outside I saw Pandora was not hunting in the Hosta anymore - she was looking puzzledly (is that a word? LOL!) at the grass about a yard away.

I walked over, slipped the leash around Pandora and saw - and heard what had her attention. It was a small shrew lying on it's back looking up at Pandora... and scolding her like you wouldn't believe!

NOW I understand why they use the term "shrew" for "a woman of violent temper and speech" Holy cow this tiny animal was mad! I held Pandora in place and the shrew righted itself and scurried away as quickly as it could... it was pretty hilarious! This little creature was smart too... it did NOT go back into the hosta plants... is escaped to the yard behind us under the fence!