Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's Pedicure Time!

Well, it's way past pedicure time... but I finally did it today.

With 4 whippets, I do their nails myself. That's 16 paws' worth of nails LOL! Takes me about 45 or more minutes.

I can't use a clipper anymore.. I've accidently gotten the quick on each of the Girls and if they see the clipper, they RUN - litterally!

Here's what DOES work for us!

First, I use a Dremmel tool. I pictured it here with the exact attachment I use. When I first found out about doing dogs' nails with a Dremmel, I couldn't figure it out. Turns out, I was using the wrong attachment!

Since whippets have short fur, there's no danger of getting their fur caught in the tool.

Second: I bribe them! There is one treat that they absolutely LOVE and they ONLY get it at pedicure time. It's a sugary paste called Nutrical. They only get a little... but they are crazy for it. I give them a few licks before we start, and then another few licks after each paw. If I try to speed it up and try to do 2 paws before a treat... I hear about it LOL!

Third: We do this in a small room... the hall bathroom. This helps keep them from trying to get away. I spread one of the thick dog blankets on the floor to make it more comfy for both the Girls and myself. I sit crosslegged on the floor, get each whippet to sit in my lap and take a paw.

I may be making it sound a lot easier than it is.... I need to keep them in my lap, keep them from pulling their leg away (without breaking their leg), keep their nose and tongue away from the Dremmel as it can cause major damage (ask me... I did it to MYSELF! - but never the girls!) and I also need to be sure not to sand the cord as I'm trying to keep each girl from wiggling away.

Oh yeah... you should use safety glasses too cause boy does that nail sand fly!

All that said, this really does work best for us. Doing it this way I am able to give their nails rounded edges so they aren't lethally right after being done.

As each Girl is finished, I open the bathroom door to let her out, and call the next one in. Believe it or not... they actually DO come in! Gotta be that Nutrical LOL!

I'd say Cleopatra is the best about this. She just lies there resignedly knowing that the less she wiggles... the faster it gets done!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Isis is just doing wonderfully!

Yep, this new drug is wonderful! Not sure if it is only the drug, or also that it is cooler outside - but Isis is having a ball and has more energy :)

I was very conservative... would only let Isis out to play with either Cleo or Athena... certainly not all 4 at once! I didn't want her to run too fast.

But yesterday Bob said, she may as well have fun since we don't know how much longer she has. Boy has she got a sparkle in her eyes! We've been letting her out with Cleo, Athena AND Pandora - under close supervision of course! "Momma" is ready to step in at a moment's notice LOL!

Well what do ya know... just 2 days of a little running with her sisters, and Isis has no problems jumping up on the big bed and into her top crate!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Isis had an episode... but is doing fine

Our sweet Girl appears to be OK now... but Saturday night she had a few coughing fits and then very rapid shallow breathing... both bad signs of heart problems.

We called our vet at 4:30 in the morning- they are a 24 hour vet.... and they gave us some advice for the rest of the evening. She did get a bit better - no more coughing and the breathing much better - but they had us come in to see if her medications needed to be adjusted.

I am happy to say that although her heart sounds very bad (which is not new) her lungs and still clear!!!!!! Her pulse is good too :) They have us a newly approved heart drug (which has been in use in Canada & Europe for years) that they think will help her even more.

So Sunday... we had planned on going to the Renaissance Faire - but I am more than happy to stay home with Isis and the other Girls to keep an eye on her - and Bob took our two adorable neighbor twin boys to the Faire.
UPDATE.... WOW... this new medcine is doing wonders for Isis! (knock on wood to continue of course!) But after the first 24 hours, she is more active than she has been in a long time. I had not realized she wasn't as active before... till we saw the effects of this new drug!
Also... the name of this drug is Pimobendan