Monday, May 7, 2007

Isis' Check up... not good news...

Thank you EVERYONE for your kind posts and private emails!! They aregreatly appreciated :)

We took our Girl in for her check up on Monday and her prognosis wasbad. Her heart is in really bad condition. We were told we have days or weeks... if we are LUCKY... months. Of course we cried buckets again.

Isis is still alert, enjoys ground beef (boiled and rinsed) and rice,takes her pills like a champ and loves to be loved. She loved just lying in the grass yesterday for about an hour - in a sunbeam,watching things around her and sniffing. I can tell she's gone backwards a little... so we'll just love her till we know it's time.

We are SO lucky that Isis came into our lives!!! She came to us as a 19 month old VERY submissive whippet needing an understanding home. When we first met her, she belly crawled across the floor to us...and then curled up in a ball in our laps as we sat on the floor.

She would not hold your gaze. It took a little over a year... but eventually this scared little girl transformed into a very confident young lady! We are honoredthat we were able to provide her a home in which this transformation could take place!!

If, when we first adopted her, we knew in advance that things would turn out this way... we'd do it again in a heartbeat (no pun intended)

Thank you again for all your good thoughts and wishes!!!:)
Laura, Bob, Jen, Isis, Cleopatra, Athena and Pandora

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