Saturday, May 19, 2007

Isis is doing well!

Isis is doing very well! She's walking more... and is able to walk on her rear pawpads more and more (as opposed to walking on the tops of her rear paws). She's "insisting" on spending the evenings on the couch with us like she used to :)

Thursday night... she got up at 1am to go outside (she hardly ever wets her diaper anymore!). Then she got up again at 3.... so I took her again.... then she woke AGAIN at 4! I knew that it was probably NOT because she wanted to go outside.... but wanted back in "the big bed". I brought her to bed and she stopped figeting :)

We've been having her sleep on a dog bed on the floor... with a pen around her (to keep her from wandering). Now that she's started feeling more and more like her ol' self.... she wants to know why the heck she's sleeping on the floor instead of in the bed!

Last night.... she slept in bed with us :)

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