Monday, May 28, 2007

Pictures finally!!

I've finally uploaded some photos of Isis taken in the last month! Here's one..... and if you click on the photo rectangle on the right side of the page - you will go to our Flickr account for our whippets!


Vee said...

What a lovely face Laura! I guess I probably knew from TT that you had whippets...but then I was hopping around and actually found your site for them.
Do you rescue them is that why you have so many? It makes you a very busy person..but you love them and they love you..that is somethng very special...

Laura Lynn said...

Hi Vee!

Sorry it took me so long to respond! Well.... kinda... our first 2 whippets - Cleopatra and Athena we got as puppies from 2 different breeders... almost a year apart.

Then our more local breeder called us about Isis when I was at a teddy bear show.... asking if we had room for another whippet as they thought we would be the perfect home for her (she was 19 months old - another breeder asked our breeder to just find her a good home.)

A few years later... they called again when I was getting ready for a teddy bear show.. they knew we moved into a new larger home and knew I loved this girl when I saw her a year ago... she was returned to them and so called us to see if we had room for just one more :) Of course we did! This was Pandora.

Whippets are like potato chips... you can't have just one!