Thursday, March 11, 2010

Long Overdue Update!!

I am sure you are thinking... "Well, THAT'S a funny looking Whippet!"

Well, our hearts are still breaking over the loss of Isis last August. Although our friends Kathy & Debbie did have whippet puppies when we lost Isis, I was NOT ready for another dog or a puppy.

But last November, we went out to dinner with friends. After dinner they needed turtle food, so we stopped in the pet shop that was next to the restaurant. They have puppies. I've always been able to go in here without a problem because I don't have them take the puppies out. Our friend Peggy, however, DID!

She had them take out a cute little Shitz tzu. She was cute, but I had no problems. Then Peggy saw the female Basset Hound puppy and had them bring her out. Bob grew up with a Basset Hound.

My gosh, the look I saw on Bob's face....I knew it was now time. But 1) Did I have the time/energy to raise a puppy? and 2) We really did not want to buy a puppy at a pet store!

Bob and I went back and forth for 2 weeks... and then I realized that I was ready for a puppy (and all the work that goes with one). So I started looking for Basset Hound breeders. They are not easy to find near Chicago. Most of the Basset breeders are down South as Bassets are hunting dogs.

But then I found a breeder just 30 minutes away and she had puppies! A litter of 12 - with only 3 girls. We definitely wanted a girl! She asked us questions and we asked her questions and both decided each other was OK LOL!

So the week of Christmas we brought home Stella Margaret. Margaret cause it was all Peggy's fault that we even thought about getting a puppy LOL!

Here she is the day we brought her home with our friend Dawn:

And here are the Whippets checking out the new kid....


Surprisingly, Pandora is the whippet who decided to be the new momma to this "little" baby!


And so begins a new chapter in our lives! Stella keeps us laughing, that's for sure!! We still miss Isis every day..... but Stella helps to heal our hearts.