Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Cleopatra - Our First Whippet

Cleopatra was our first whippet. This is a photo of her at 5 weeks from Judy Lowther her breeder.

Cleopatra came to live with us at 12 weeks old. She was a very pretty puppy! Here she is at 4 months....

Cleo LOVES to give kisses! She started when we picked her up out of the pen in OH, and hasn't stopped since!

I sometimes think she kisses in her sleep. I tell ya though... the other Girls are VERY clean with all the kissing that "Mama Dog" does!

Cleo likes to be near "her people".

Now that she's a bit older, she likes to know where they are, but she is not one who likes lots of cuddling (normally... there's always exceptions to the rule LOL!) As she was our first, she knows that she is the "momma dog". She knows she was the first.

Cleo will be 8 years old this month (Feb 08). Sometimes she behaves like an old lady who doesn't want to be bothered by the other Girls.... but other times you'd think she was still a puppy! She loves to run in the back yard and play ball......

Cleo having fun with ball

If Cleopatra wants to play, and no one wants to play with her - that's no problem! Cleo will actually throw the ball herself and then go chase it!

When it comes to pain, however ... I have to admit she's a bit wimpy. The slightest discomfort and she's looking for sympathy. Of course, that's probably my own fault LOL!!!

For the first month that we had Cleo, she never barked! Then, we brought her to a race meet near our home as Cleo's breeder would be attending from Ohio. That's the day she found her voice, and never forgot it LOL! Her favorite thing to do is to throw her head up and back and "Roo roo roo!!!" She reminds me a lot of "Snoopy" - Charlie Brown's dog when she does that ;)

Cleopatra is definitely a morning dog. The second that alarm clock goes off, she's up, stretching and ready for the day! Probably a large part of the reason for that is breakfast!

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