Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Isis - 2 years Since Accident!

Last weekend (last weekend in April) marked the 2 year anniversary of Isis' accident. Back then, her dogtor thought she would be lucky to have a couple more months left, but here 2 years later she's still with us and enjoying life!

Bob and Mom have noticed that she's now starting to slow down a little, and that makes them a little sad. They're really hoping that she'll stick around for a couple of more years, but realize that may not be the case.

But they are SO happy that they have had these 2 extra GREAT years with her! I have to tell you, Isis has gotten very spoiled in these 2 years. I wonder if she knew what she was doing? LOL!

I'm really glad to have my sister around to play with too! She and I still love to play stalk....

Isis playing stalk with Cleo

And she loves to pummel me - we call it "battle dog".
Cleo and Isis playing
And I love to share my treats with her!


And there's just nothing better than relaxing on the bed with your sis! Even if Mom IS trying to change the sheets!

cleo n isis 9-03

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Ken said...

Thanks for the good news story. It's great to see Isis doing well.