Thursday, April 9, 2009

STOP Feeding Your Dogs Canidae!!!!!!!!!!

Mom notice that a lot of people find our blog by searching for Canidae dog food coupon. I'm here to tell you to NOT buy Canidae dog food...there is a big problem with it... and it's making us sick.

Mom put us whippets on Canidae all life stages dry kibble after the pet food scare a couple of years ago. We liked it and it was made in the US from all US ingredients. Mom thought she could rest easy.

About a week after Mom got the latest bag of Canidae, Athena got diarrhea. Mom thought well, it's spring and she's eating grass, nothing new. A dose of Kayopectate and some chicken & rice and she'll get over it.

She did NOT! She was doing alright on chicken and rice, but every time Mom tried to get her back on kibble, she'd get sick again. Tried again, this time up to 25 kibbles per meal, but last night got sick again. Something is not right!

Now Pandora and myself (Cleo) are on the Canidae as well, but our tummies are not as sensitive as Athena's. Both Pan and myself did get a touch of diarrhea, but were fine after a couple of days... although we still aren't 100%.. more like 90%.

So Mom took Athena to the vet... no parasites, no illness.... try adding metamucil for more fiber and she gave her some medicine to help her poor intestines.

Mom got on the phone with her friend Daphne and Daphne started searching on google.... turns out there has been a MAJOR recent problem with Canidae .

There are many comments on here about dogs showing the very same symptoms that Athena is showing... starts to get better on chicken and rice... but as soon as the food is re-introduced, no matter HOW slowly.. they get sick again. Mom is switching all of us Whippets from Canidae to ANYthing else!

Oh, I forgot to mention... Isis and Squirt never were on Canidae, and they are NOT sick!

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