Monday, May 18, 2009

Update on Dog Food Issues

Cleo relaxing in Moms chair
I thought I'd give you all an update on the "dog food issue" as Mom calls it. Well, first Mom tried Iams as that's what our friends use.

But Athena still had problems outside, and my tummy was upset in the mornings. Mom fixed that with some Pepcid AC, but still - I didn't want to eat something that upset my tummy! Momma thinks it was the corn in the Iams that caused us problems.

Her friends also recommended Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach so she tried that. I LOVE this stuff and my tummy is all better now! Athena is still in the process of switching over but is doing well.

Isis was still having some issues. Mom had tried to switch her over from what she had been eating to our new food so she could just buy one type of food. But it didn't work well for her.

Last weekend our friends Nixie and Gremlin came over with their Mommy Dayna. Isis snuck into their room and snarfed down their kibble!! Momma thought she was going to have to deal with messes - ugh! But surprisingly there were none!!

So... on Monday Momma went out and bought some of that food for Isis and is in the process of switching her over to that. She's eating just regular people rice and chicken breast right now.

The new food is Nature's Variety Prairie Kibble. She's trying out the chicken and brown rice flavor. Momma even found a Nature's Variety coupon for buy a bag, get a bag free! Nature's Variety "Try it" Coupon

Momma is really hoping to have most of this all set by the time she leaves to visit her friend Daphne in New Hampshire at the beginning of June!


Tiffany said...

I finally got caught up on your blog. All of your babies are adorable. I'm so glad you are getting the food situation worked out. We never fed Canidae, but I was sure to steer clear of it when researching foods BECAUSE of the reformulation and all of the negative reviews and health issues. I've researched dog food and dog nutrition until my eyes have bled and I continue to do it still. Some of the things I've learned about certain dog foods (mostly supermarket brands) is scary. So, I'm so glad the tummy issues are working themselves out with the new food plans. Nature's Variety is a good quality food (5-star rating, I believe).

I'm loving reading your blog. Now I'm off to get caught up on Sequoya's blog!

Laura Lynn said...

Thank you so much Tiffany!! I know it can be hard to keep up on blogs sometimes - but I love reading them! Wish my family kept blogs so I could keep up on what's going on with them ;)

My laptop came back from repair so I'm hoping to catch up soon!! Hugs to the Munchkins!!