Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This is what Sequoya Thinks of her "Belly Band"....

Our little princess is doing just fine! I did take her to the vet yesterday because she started acting funny. Her spay area opened up a little and it was hurting her :( . She's been licking a lot even though I've tried things to stop her. She's able to get out of the cone collar!

She's back to her frisky self today but I keep her a bit quieter. She's taking some antibiotics to help. I also finally figured out how to keep her from licking... withOUT the cone collar!!!

I sewed up a piece of fleece with some velcro to go around her entire body area from just behind her front legs to just in front of her rear legs. Kinda like a belly band for boys, but much wider. It covered (lightly - air can still reach it) her spay area enough so she can't get at it.

First time we tried it on her, she was sitting with Bob, and I left the room. She hopped down, did a little wiggle on the carpet and off she went without her belly band! Smart little girl LOL!

So I've added one more thing... I put her harness on her and have attached the belly band to the harness so she can't wiggle out of it. She's resigned herself to wearing it now, but at least it's not for long :)

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