Thursday, February 28, 2008

Save Money on Medications

I'm not talking about mail order meds here.... but other kinds - like heart medication.

We finally learned that we could save some money on Isis' heart medications. She takes 4 different Rx's plus Pepcid AC. Her Rx's were adding up to $100 a month. I've heard much worse, but still...

Then one of the girls at the clinic told Bob that he could have 3 of her prescriptions filled at a regular pharmacy. She's already taking the generic versions (Lasix, Digoxin and Enalapril) So we took them to Walmart and brought a $50 cost down to $18. That's $384 a year!

We still have one $50 Rx we get from the vet as it is a canine only heart med - Pimobendan. This drug has just recently (in 2007) been approved by the FDA for use in the US. It has done wonders for Isis!! It will not "cure" her, but it has certainly given us more valuable time with our Sweet Girl Isis!


Nancy said...

Lexi is on enalapril too. I'll ask about the vet writing an Rx next time.

Tracy said...

This is so encouraging! I too have a dog that has CHF. After 2 terrifying bouts with respiratory distress in the middle of the night one week apart, I know the folks at the Vet Hospital REALLY well!! She responded to the Lasix, Benazapril and Norvasc, and is now on Pimobendan as well. I hear that this is a "miracle" drug, and your story helps me feel more encouraged. Lexie is a 13 year old cocker spaniel and is my "first child", so I'm having a hard time facing what will inevitably come down the road.....:( I want to do everything i can do make her life good and have more time with her.