Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Getting to Know her Big Sisters

Pandora & Sequoya

The second day... but still the first 24 hours in her new home.... Sequoya has decided to get to know her big sisters! Sequoya has no fear of the "big Girls" now and just trots along with them to see where they are going.




Sequoya's favorite place is Mom's lap - but she also enjoys a sunbeam when it decides to show it's face....



Anonymous said...

How ADORABLE! She looks great! Awesome pics! Give her kisses for me :)

Danene Handley said...

Awww..what great pictures. I am so happy that Sequoya has a wonderful home.

Laura Lynn said...

Thank you so much!!!! We just love this little Girl to pieces!! Thanks so much for fostering her and all the work you do... both of you!