Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We do NOT like Snow!

OK... my tail is between my legs. Turns out I need Momma's help sometimes to keep this diary up. But this is a new year, so she said she'd try again.

I have to tell you, when it's cold and snowy out for a long time, us whippets get cabin fever!! We may love to lie around and sleep a lot, but we need to burn off some energy too!

So our Bob built us an oval race track in the back yard with that big loud red machine that eats and spits out snow. Momma even braved the cold to take a few photos of Pan and Athena out on the track. She didn't even try to take one of me... humph! She said since I am white, you would not be able to see me anyways...


Judith A. Novak said...

What a fun blog. We look forward to reading more about you! Zoe (my whippet girl) and I enjoy surfing the blogs for all things Whippet. Stop by Zoe's blog..
or my papercrafting etc. etc blog and say hello.

Melina and Denise said...

I love the mention of the 'big red machine that spits out snow'.