Friday, July 20, 2007

Pandora the Huntress

We've had this chipmonk... or... 13 lined ground squirrel... who lived in our backyard.

He'd go from under the deck, along the workshop and into the woodpile...

He'd often sit outside on the deck... in front of the Whippet Girls, but safely on the other side of the glass door... teasing them. In fact, we heard he used to do this to other dogs before we moved in.

Pandora was crazy for this little thing. As soon as she's allowed outside... no matter how badly she has to "go"... she goes looking in all of the chipmonk's hiding places.

Well, on Friday the 13th... this little guy should have stayed inside.....

I had Pandora and Cleo out for a potty break... and Pandora was at the woodpile looking for him frantically... again... then out she comes with the poor thing in her mouth!!

I chased after her to get her to release... and she did... the poor chipmonk started running... but then Pan picked him right back up. I finally got her to release again... then picked HER up to bring her inside.

This probably all this happened in 15 seconds... but it seemed ages!

I went and got the shovel... that little chipmonk wasn't moving this time... so I put him by a tree outside the fence at the side of the garage. Probably will be some coyote's dinner tonight.

Oh well... he should have known better when Pandora almost got him a few weeks ago! Guess he was a little full of himself and figured he was too quick for her... surPRIZE!!!

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